Good and cheap esc?

Hi. I need a good ESC for e-mointainboard. What I need is 10s and 120+A. Or double ESC with 10s and 120+A per side. I can spend around 300$ so I couldn’t find anything good :confused: What do you think/know of Alien 150A 2-12S Car ESC HV Twin? Thanks for replies! :slight_smile:

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Why not buy a Vesc? :slight_smile:

Because I don’t know how it works and how to use it.

Dude seriously, it’s super easy!

Even a novice like myself “figured it out” in less than 10 minutes or so. (If you can call configuring a vesc “figuring something out” lol). Ollin direct fet vesc or FOCBOX from enertion are both good options for mountainboards. If you really want to go the car esc route ask @Nowind, he’s used a lot of different configurations for car esc’s on mountainboards.

I see. It’s very easy to use. Spend 10min reading the vesc threads you find here and you’re ready to go.

About the Alienpowersystem. It can be a hit or miss with their esc, so if you don’t wanna take the chance. Go with an VESC

Ok then I’ll read of VESC :slight_smile: Thanks for replies ^-^ Could you, please check if the vesc i will found is good? I’ll read of it this evening so I’ll post in around 6 to 7 hours. Are there some special things that i should know of VESC? I am asking because there’s no information of VESC in my language and my english isn’t good enought do understand how it works in short time :confused: that’s why i wanted to choose ESC xd I just know how ESC works :slight_smile:*

Alien ESC is a gamble IMO Dont wanna make Alien Products bad, i like the Motors and Bruno is a nice Guy… but i heard about too many problems with the ESC the last years…

Car Esc best 8S one is : HW Max6 12S is no perfect one

Better go with vesc6 or focbox

Sure I can do that. VESC is an ESC and it´s the best option for electric longboards. You can read all about it on the creators homepage Are you buying from USA or EU?

EU. Can you tell me if it’s possible to buy 2 of this for around 300$?

I have also seen a double Maytech ESC on alibaba, but I have never seen anyone use it…

Yes it is. I bought mine frome

Woah! VESC seems to be great. I have a few questions guys :slight_smile:

1.What are the differences between VESC and ESC? (except for more options (which is really cool!) and lower price (isn’t it? xd)) 2. Where may I get VESCs? I’d like to get it from Europe. 3. Has VESC some hmm cover/protection? Or i’d have to build it on my own? 4. Do VESC need a fan or something to keep it cold? :slight_smile:

And the last thing. I’ve 300$ for 2 VESC. Would it be enough for something with regenerative braking?

Thanks for replies :wink:

  1. Vesc is an esc named after the creator Benjamin Vedder. It’s basically optimized for our use.

  2. Like I said I bought mine frome Faradaymotion. Excellent aftersale service. Another option would be only read positive feedback from their customers.

  3. The Vesc is protected with heatshrink wrap. But there is aluminium cases you can buy for ~30€.

  4. I added aluminium radiator on the mosfets when I was running lipo 6s. But with more voltage it keeps cooler. I believe most people don’t need any cooling system on the vesc. Never seen a fan added to a vesc.

And yeah VESC have regenerative braking

Okay, thank you very much :slight_smile:.

Could you also tell me if this vesc ( has everything I need? It looks bare xd. There are “Extra VESC Options: Get unsoldered cables, capacitor and capacitor board”

Yes it has everything it needs. The picture is a bit missleading t.b.h you do not need the extra cap + cables.

Thank you very much for explaining this once again! :slight_smile: Have a good day! Bye