Good base mountain board

Thank you all so much for the response on my post yesterday it was extraordinarily helpful. Now that I know its possible I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for good base mountain board to learn on and then start my build with. I’ve looked at trampa and MBS boards and they both seem very high quality. Are there any components I should look for in a board that will make it easy to work on later? I also noticed that trampa is a UK company, is it difficult for their products to be shipped to the US? I was also wondering if anyone had a good diagram or video of motor mounts being put on a mountain board because I’m a little confused about how they are attached. thanks again for all the help!

You can still get trampa products in the US. I’m an MBS user (colt constellation deck). Check out this thread for some good pics about mounting motors. I, much like you, started off with an unpowered deck and motorized later on. I was clueless at first but there a lot of good photos on that thread to show you how setups typically look.

Have you decided if you want to go top mount or bottom mount battery? This was the only issue I ran into. I was really set on a bottom mount enclosure for the stealthiness but the bottom enclosure I thought would work, didn’t. Trampa offers bottom mount enclosures made specifically for decks. @hyperIon1 is making/sourcing bottom mount enclosures for mbs decks now though (would have been nice months ago haha).

I can take whatever photos you’d like if you’re still confused!

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that thread helped me visualize it a lot, thank you! I am not set on either type of mount, for me its more about whatever will function the best. I’m not worried about stealthiness. it seems like top mounts are less likely to get damaged and I plan to hit the trails with this thing so that’s how I was leaning. top mounts also seemed to give you a better range of battery pack size/form. But you obviously know more about this than I do so which is more convenient / less likely to get damaged? It’s funny you mention that board because I was leaning towards buying it. are there any parts that need upgrading before you make it electric?

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Correct, top mounts are definitely less likely to get damaged :slight_smile:

You are all around correct on top mount vs bottom. I am happy I went top mount with the terrain I ride through. I’m still using the ats12 trucks and fivestar hubs that came with it. Some things to note about those components:

ATS 12 trucks - like a skate/mtb hybrid truck. They like 15° nose and tail tip angles (basically any deck on mbs website that includes the ats12 trucks have this tip angle). The matrix series of shocks like 30-35° tip angles and those decks are more suited to a full on mtb (Dylan Warren series decks). I ride 75%/25% road/offroad so I really like these trucks.

fivestar hubs - MBS’s cheaper and lighter option. I’ve been riding them hard, learning to jump them, and ride all terrain and they’ve had no issue. They’re also the only mbs hub that can fit their 9" tire in addition to the more standard 8" tires. I’m actually wanting to get a set of 9" to see if they handle the woods better. 8" does great, just curious if the grass is greener.