Good deal? Evolve Carbon GT Gen2 on OfferUp

Guys is this a good deal I should consider?IMG-0108 He said it’s all in working order. No AT wheels or tires, just a street setup.

Not without a proper test ride… you never know about that battery either. My opinion is to proceed but check everything out first. Usually to good to be true actually is…

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It’s either got a broken battery, a battery that sags worse than a witches tit, or an esc that loves to go ballistic.

No chance any evolve owner would sell a 1.2k+ board for 450… :thinking::thinking::thinking:🤷

I agree with Bobby, but don’t do a quick " nothing is blowing up so things look good here " check, ask if he’ll open it up for you, if you see mold, mildew, or anything burnt… Run :joy:

Unfortunately the ESC issue that some seem to have can’t be identified by any physical signs, it’ll only manifest itself when it’s important… O.o

Be safe and remember, you’ll probably get better range on a Chinese budget board :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:

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Also he said 450 OBO… Sounds like you could bring up a few issues and take some dollars off that if you’re into saving as much juice as your efforts will squeeze

I’ll try to check this out. If it’s the original battery it’s on it’s last legs.

Do these single motor GEN2 models still hold up their value? My thoughts on Evolve are to toss the electronics and battery immediately and rebuild.


I wish i could like your comment twice, one time for me being blind and not noticing its a single motor, and the second for that second comment you made.

Although its a good thing to want to scrap evolve electronics, what would you really be left with here? A beat up deck, scuffed to poo drivetrain and some beatup wheels?

If you want to get an evolve deck there are plenty of better ways than buying a husk and skinning it

Those decks tend to crack check all 4 corners of the deck with someone standing on the deck.

I love the way it looks I was going to do a build with that deck but it has too many problems due to poor quality.

I’d stay away from that deck if I were you.

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Yeah I think it only works as an EBay flip or something. I don’t trust Evolve electronics or batts enough to ride it myself without some major upgrades.

The pics and Orangatan wheels looks good. Not a bad deal for someone in need of a board.

Might toss out an offer if it hangs around.

It’s likely the battery is worn-out and the range is 10% of what it should be.


I will like again for you @anon64938381. Didnt even notice the single motor… that “witch’s tit” seems to be the comment of the week lol

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To be honest, a friend of mine has the same board just in the bamboo variant. Its super silent, gets to 40km/h like my Wowgo 2s and his has 30km of range, even though its really old. He bought his used for 500.

exactly! gotta follow the trends :joy:


erm, Ill nod like I agree, but you just said a ‘bldc’ belt drive and ‘foc’ hub sounded similar… nope. Also, “Silent”? hmmmm

belts scream, gears scream, chains scream, the only reason hubs generally dont is theyre used or coupled with/in products that use FOC(or FOC like, im not exactly sure) techonology.

15mi of range is understandable, I just wonder how many miles of no sag he gets

To be fair though, I guess im thinking of it from a different angle. If your friend meets all his criteria with the Evolve, I guess its an ok choice. It just seems like a silly bullet to put in your foot if youre going to buy the whole board… and take out the parts that help it retain value :man_shrugging:

My belt drive only makes any kind of noise when I go full throttle, you can’t hear anything with small throttle inputs on FOC

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Yes its almost as quiet as my Hub. Maybe 2-3% Louder. The Motor itself is in a “Enclosure” which makes it waaay quieter compared to the regular Evolve Motors.

I mean generally… yes there are quiet options but :roll_eyes:

What the heck is that standard on Evolve boards? Sounds pretty cool.

It was standard on the older versions. The New versions just have the Motor on the outside.

Images of the Board with Ecnlosure

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My bad for doubting you so …energetically earlier :rofl:

long day of lectures

I would be curious as to what is on the inside though… cooling equipment or only sound dampening