Good dual esc for my first build

Hey guys. I’ve been building drones a few years now and I am in the process of building a dual motor electric mountain board. With that being said I understand the electronics very well. Considering this is my first 2 builds (one board for me and one for my son) can you guys recommend an economical dual esc for a belt driven board. I have the board and the motors, sprockets and pulleys ordered but I could use some guidance on a dual esc. My first build will be a 6s build with a 10s and 12s build later this year. Keep in mind this is a first build and I am trying to keep this economical since i have 2 boards to build. Thanks in advance for your help.

@dickyho has good dual escs

Yeah one of my friends bought his board from dickyho via email but their lead time is a little bit much. I’m hoping I can get the escs within 7-10 days not 4-6 weeks out. Do you have a direct link from them where I can order directly bypassing ebay and hopefully be able to get expedited shipping?

nevermind I didn’t realize I could contact him via pm here. Sorry I’m new to this forum.