Good ESC to handle heavy offroad tracks

Hey there! I’m new here, I wanna start saying thank you to y’all for all the beautiful builds I’ve seen so far, really nice forum! I’m upgrading my current board, which is a simil Ninestep (yeah I know, pretty shitty board but perfect to begin) bought from APS. The battery is a 10s5p 460Wh 11Ah, and it has 2 1650watt motors. Obviously while riding in a kind of motocross track I burnt one of the chinese ESC, I guess for overheated it too much. I’m gonna start with the battery I have cos so far isn’t bad at all, I’ll upgrade motors to a 6374 3000w sensored, but I’m still confused about the ESC I should use… I’d like to get the VESC6 from trampa, but it’s far too exi, I’ve heard only good things of ESCape, but I don’t know how to get 2 of them, there are any good esc capable to handle offroad tracks and steep uphill riding? Any suggestions?

Flipsky esc has had good results so far, but they are a relatively new company so not a lot of testing yet. But there are a few individuals here that have tested it.

Focbox unity, not out yet and probably won’t be for a little while since of enertion delays™


[quote=“moon, post:2, topic:64848”] enertion delays™ [/quote]:joy::ok_hand: They already have a trade mark for delays?

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Ie ordered 2 Flipsky. According to the numbers they should do the trick but I haven’t seen any real testing or any videos of hardcore use. Been a decent company to order from , very responsive to messages and such .

I’ve got the dual 150a APS esc which is of better quality than the esc they use in premades. I’d sell it to you for $200 shipped

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Cheers man, thank you but I’m looking for a VESC! Thanks anyway!

Im using a single drive FlipSky 6.6, so far I am very happy, but I have only done like 40km with it. I am using it with large 8.8 inch wheels, did some offroad, but my tires are too smooth to get any real traction in those situations.

There is a thread where this esc is discussed, someone planning to put them in commercial boards as far as I understand have done some real torture testing, like 2h at 30ish amps from the battery if memory serves, would link to it if i was on pc, sorry :slight_smile: anyways i was impressed with temperature stability, thats why i went with it.

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