Good maple deck in europe that wont break the bank ? any sites

what a good deck that’s not too pricy but work great? In need maple I think as it wont have much flex so my lipos are safe. also what are some good eu/uk site for decks?

@okp ?

Go at any decks ?

1 Like would be my go to, loock for a stiff top mount, they have plenty also mayn on sale.

If you could give me your desired wheelbase, your concave, and form I could reccomend a few for you.

If you’d consider something more special:

Very nice, stiff natural boards. I’m using the “Slider” model on my build, very satisfied. are good, made to order, and customisable. I have the Jannu which is pretty stiff.

hey ! thanks for the heads up @Michaelinvegas

I reshaped the jet spud to fit my riding style and make it more custom for esk8:

  • flat area below the deck with a nice concave,
  • includes glass fiber to give it a good strength,
  • and a nice carbon top sheet on my special releases,
  • hand made by a shaper in France, no mass production.

whats it like riding a smaller board like this say compared to a 36/38" board? looks cool bro.would all my electrics fit under the board?

For 40$

Also got a Vanguard and dervish for 240 maybe

Well, I like it :slight_smile:


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@okp I like the board but iv to fit 4 5000mah flightmax lios,a bms,focbox and an enclosure under whatever board I pick

@okp I like the jet Vulcan you have lookslike normal skateboard but is a longboard and big enough to fit all my electrics…