Good way to reinforce my battery enclosure?

Hey Guys, i finally finished my build. Custom 3d printed enclosure, mounted to the bottom of my deck. Took it for a ride outside over bumps and what not and i noticed some of my mounting holes are getting some separation. Can you guys think of a way to synch it down better? Im cool with something that goes around the board and on top. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Im thinking along the lines of a strap of some sort thats wide and flat

Aluminium flat stock. Just a flat thin/spring like bar you run down each side of the enclosure to keep the bolt holes from popping out. I suggest you cut “slots” rather than holes if your deck is a bit flexy.

Thats a good idea, i was thinking something easier without much custom works. My whole board enclosure battery pack is custom and it took me foreeever designing, building, soldering. I’m kinda tapped out, so i was looking for an easy solution.

I found these straps that seems like they could do the trick: