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GoPro GT2B Quick mod!

I ran into a problem of needing a free hand for a selfie shot while filming, so I decided why not incorporate my GT2B into a controller/selfie combo? It’s just a simple GoPro adhesive mount stuck into the top of my GT2B! Feel free to try this out yourself lol


haha first good use of a trigger remote!

Haha I did that a couple years ago when I was filming an rc car… lol

This seems cool… Anyone know how to mount it to the board though?

Adhesive pads might work. You could get a mount 3D printed that has the truck bolts go through it to fix the mount on the front/back of the board.

I used a combination of the sticky mount and I put a screw through it as well.

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Where is @JT_Clemente. Haven’t seen you in a while!

I just use a pole and hold it up. It looks way better in my opinion.

Hey Guys! sorry for my absence, testing in school has had me swamped the past few weeks (not to mention I haven’t even started finals yet). Hopefully i’ll have more time soon to be active on here again and actually ride my board!