Got 4 of my VESCs repaired! Shoutout to the Wizard!

This post is unrelated to my company, but I have to give @JohnnyMeduse from a shoutout. Not too long ago the water sprinklers in my apartment went off and absolutely caked 4 of my already fried VESCs in calcium deposits. Not to mention 2 of them were previously ‘worked on’ by someone else and were absolutely FUBAR for a regular human being to repair (melted connectors, components shifted, excess flux, etc. Had them sent to the wizard for repair and just got them back today!

Bravo. Do send your fucked VESCs to this man. He really is the best. Get to him at:


Mine should be back in about 4 days! Can’t wait to ride again

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Should have taken some before pics… it was really something

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Just wanna go on record that it wasn’t me who fucked up trying to repair the 2 Vandas :hugs:


I have 4 vesc-x’s from the wiz and they are all perfect. 2 are running 12s foc and two are running 8s foc. JM ftw \0/

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