Got a board for sale!

I have my Trampa orssom long board deck with Enertion raptorimage 2.0 motors on it.

I am aware of the fact that Enertion is no goner now but there is still some good life left in the rest of the build .
-16 ply Trampa Orssom long board deck ( boob proof and its there thickest one ) still some flex but great if you are a bigger guy or just looking for a fail proof deck . -12s4p Samsung 30q battery with FatBoy pcb boards . This will let you tinker with the battery pack and replace whatever cells are low. Basically the pack can be takin apart easily. Battery has about 50 charges on it.
-Bestech BMS -Enertion Unity VESC with a Device ( as in a free phone ). So you can tune the board wirelessly. -battery lCD display -custom rear wire cover diffuser -custom caliber 2 trucks. (It would be a easy swap to belted system …just add your motors , trucks and wheels …your off and running -Trampa bottom tray . -Enertion NANO remote -charger for the battery

I am pretty sure that’s it but please feel free to ask questions if you have any . Again I am aware of the Motors and Enertion as a Company …they left me high and dry as well. I am starting the price at $950 but I am willing to negotiate (reasonable offers please !!! )

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Where are u located?

Torrance CA 90505. I can ship it anywhere you like .

Im In Norway mate. Probobly insanely expensive to ship?

Ooof. Yeah , i could see what it would take to ship it though. I have a friend that has a shipping company.

Give me the address and I can see what it would be . Maybe sending it in parts could be a thing . Like the battery in one shipment and the board in another . ?

I’d buy this so fast if I needed a board. This is a good deal.

I would buy if it was a 17 ply since i’m a bigger guy and if i was also not already building my own board lol

I had a 280 lb guy ride this for 5 miles . This deck is no joke !! If you ever held a Trampa Orrsom Deck in your hands it like holding plated Kevlar lol. If you are 300lb plus you might bend it …slightly . I got this deck as a “I dare you to break “ it build. I fell going 30mph when I hit a crack on the strand in Hermosa beach on my first build that was a 8 ply maple board. Snapped the deck behind the front trucks . Broke a collar bone and my arm. Never again …this deck could stop a bullet .