Got all my parts but I need some advice about battery's(still haven't gotten a good answer, just asking what kimd of lipos)

I finally got all my parts and this is my first build.

My motor is a 320kv, it got very annoying. My seller didn’t inform me he didn’t have 270kv so he just sent this out. (ordered of different website, best pic I can find, almost the same)

So whats the best value I should buy for this setup.

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Since your kv is so high and you have the fact esc you only have one option- 6s. If you go higher then 6s you’ll see some insane speeds.

I build custom packs for a lot of people. What is your budget like?

What Motor Mount is that??

It’s a cheap aluminum mount, I’ll send a close up when I get home

Like 50$. It’s literally the last part I need

Do you have a link for it ?? ,…How much shaft (mm) is left after mount?

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If this mount doesn’t work I’m just gonna make my own

Do you have a lipo charger? Just get some zippys

If you can see I have a charger on the top of all my parts in that pic. Not sure if it’s a lipo charger I’ll have to take a look. But I do know it’s connecter is for that xt60 wire.

Link me to the charger you bought let me check it out

Most of my parts are Chinese parts, its my first build so I didn’t wanna go all out, hopefully I’ll buy better parts on my next build

I’m pretty sure that charger can charge most batteries. Would this be good? I think that charger can charge it

I would change the pulley arrangment to get that high kv motor into usable ranges.