Got bored made a Gear drive

I’ve read about Belts being at their Limit so why not gear drive? Saw the Jed board about half an hour ago and decided… I can do that! Pulleys Anyone have any experience with this?


Nope but do it for science!!

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Have you heard a Jed Board ?

Edit: Loud as Sh***t :crazy_face:


In the past tense yup :slight_smile: not anymore.


Tried myself with both printed herringbone gear and normal spur gears:


You keep repeating this. But in all the videos published to this day it’s still very loud.

Or is it still pre-production boards with non lubricated gears?

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How are you going to make these? No printing please, except SLM:p

I could very well take advantage of an SLM 280 printer at work… well maybe.

How is the surface finish of SLM parts? Never had one in hands:/ Otherwise brass would be nice i think.

Not all that great… Like a rough sandblast I’d say.

We haven’t shown our refined drive train yet to the public.

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Looking forward to it. :+1:

Whelp this is the result. Printing it right now. Gonna print abs to see the fit and if that works annealed NylonX.


How are you going to deal with friction and heat? I guess you will need to enclose it, and put some lube inside.

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Didn’t @GrecoMan build something similar? He might be able to give you a couple tips and if it will work well

An advantage belt has is the ability to eat a small stone and flex off the damage, this setup strips gears or fails entirely, or if really strong emergency stops the esk. Needs a cover like any other D/D system for sanity’s sake

Take a look at @Nowind direct Drive. Steel motor pulley and POM drivewheel. Tested hard on mountainboards without wear


I’m using a Alloy 910 printed gear for the wheel on my mountainboard and a steel gear on the motor, so far no problem or visible wear. Would strongly recommend something nylon based.

BS vid headlines… just in my home country alone there are hundreds of little towns with steeper streets than the coveted Baldwin (imagine the rest of the world). Come on YT guys! Enough already with the longest piss competition.

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and Kug3lis’s one too

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