Got pulled over on my skateboard, fined $138 plus 2 points on my license - court tomorrow, how can I beat this ticket?

ill have to do some research but im pretty sure they actually are technically not allowed. my goal is not to argue that they are allowed as i think id lose, but to argue that i shouldnt be given points on my license

for instance: anyone of any age can buy a boosted board in nyc. and if someone without a license bought one and got pulled over like i did then they would have gotten less of a punishment because they dont have a drivers license

so basically what that cop is saying is if you are legally allowed to drive, then your punishment for riding an electric skateboard in nyc will be more severe. i feel like theres got to be some sort of legal term for how thats not fair…

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that’s what you get for riding in the yuppy side of Manhattan hahaha


im trying to come up with some sort of gossip girl reference but i think this might not be the right forum for that


by the way, I wouldn’t have stopped for the cop.


Lol Boosted seems to have the same opinnion

I posted that photo with my board and cop car on IG and tagged boosted and they responded:


yeah im not going to try to say that they are (or should be) allowed to be ridden in NYC, im just saying its not fair to give me points on my license. that shit makes your car insurance go higher, more likely to get your license suspended and other bad stuff


In SF there are companies that rent electric bikes and scooters to public. The scooters have been a problem because people leave them everywhere in the sidewalk. I’ve used the e-bikes pedal assisted and had fun. I’ve also Esk8 in SF.

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I’d argue against the entire ticket. That the law clearly defines all vehicles but electric skateboards and the closest classification is it is legal consider it can be assisted just like a pedal assist bicycle… Kind of…haha but I would still not plead guilty because the law does not specifically call out 4 wheeled assisted powered personal transportation device. If there is any nothing classifying the board as a vehicle or not then how can you break a law that does not Exist…???

Guys you’re missing the point , fuck the legality or illegality of ESK8’s in NY , help him in regards to if two points off his license was deserved.


New York Consolidated Laws, Vehicle and Traffic Law - VAT § 125. Motor vehicles Search New York Codes

Every vehicle operated or driven upon a public highway which is propelled by any power other than muscular power, except (a) electrically-driven mobility assistance devices operated or driven by a person with a disability, (a-1) electric personal assistive mobility devices operated outside a city with a population of one million or more, (b) vehicles which run only upon rails or tracks, © snowmobiles as defined in article forty-seven of this chapter, and (d) all terrain vehicles as defined in article forty-eight-B of this chapter. For the purposes of title four of this chapter, the term motor vehicle shall exclude fire and police vehicles other than ambulances. For the purposes of titles four and five of this chapter the term motor vehicles shall exclude farm type tractors and all terrain type vehicles used exclusively for agricultural purposes, or for snow plowing, other than for hire, farm equipment, including self-propelled machines used exclusively in growing, harvesting or handling farm produce, and self-propelled caterpillar or crawler-type equipment while being operated on the contract site.

New York Consolidated Laws, Vehicle and Traffic Law - VAT § 134. Public highway Search New York Codes

Any highway, road, street, avenue, alley, public place, public driveway or any other public way.

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if only i was riding a farming tractor!

can you send me that link?

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lmao i like that pedal assist comparison.

also just found that deblasio just made pedal-assist bikes legal, but not hoverboards…didnt say anything about electric skateboards

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Probably the least useful but true argument you can use: you are saving the planet by not letting co2 out :+1:

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What section specifically were you cited with?

i actually fart out of excitement all the time when i ride my board…electric skateboarding for me is actually worse for the environment than driving a car




Damn… laws a bit different in my state… I’ll be sure not to move back east. Good luck.

I’m glad I’m not driving behind you :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

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