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Got "stopped" by police yesterday

On my way home yesterday, I had been drinking a little so I just had my board ride next to me as I was walking. Whilst walking up a hill a police car drove by and as they passed me they turned around and stopped beside me. They were absolutely amazed by the fact that my longboard was just rolling next to me like a dog. :joy: We talked for a while and they asked a lot of questions and they were really intrigued by the board.

When I got home I searched for what law says about electric skateboards in Sweden and it turns out they are considered bicycles and have to be equipped with lights, reflectors and a bell for warning pedestrians. Also, they should be limited to 20kmh or around 12mph.

So far I’ve only had positive reactions and people are really impressed. Has any of you guys had any problems with police/security guards/angry pedestrians?


I also live in Sweden and no one has had a negative reaction about my board, everyone is very interested. I wonder what the punishment would be when driving over the speed limit and getting caught with a eboard. :open_mouth:

I live in IL. I’ve had a cop try my board before because he liked it so much


I think here in the USA if you were caught over the alcohol limit while riding your board you can lose your drivers license! Just like with a bike.

I fear one day all our power on our diy boards and even the wimpy power of the commercial boards will be reeled in when the laws get better known. Legally all of us are riding over the mph and power limits. But then electric bikes are also often way over the limit and they’re still going strong

I’m guessing you’d probably be fined a nice amount but I don’t think a lot of policemen know the legal top speed of an electric longboard or would bother to stop.

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Yeah, here in Sweden it’s legal to ride a bike under the influence but you can loose your driving license if you cause an accident and I think the same would apply for an electric longboard.

The thought of riding an electric longboard drunk​:flushed:…I’m scared to ride a full speed sober.:joy:

Good to know! I am in Malmo and am considering a board. Was wondering how they are classified here. I always see guys on mopeds in the bike lanes doing 30kph… I was going to do lights but no way will I do reflectors or a bell. My bike doesn’t even have a bell :wink:

Haha yeah I feel the same, light are only required by law when its dark but I’m thinking of putting them on because it looks nice, and also serves a purpose.