Got the dreaded DRV8302 fault code

Well I think it may be 2. However the second VESC doesn’t detect motor, continuously blinks, and doesn’t register any faults.

Anybody in San Diego who could help with replacing the DRV8302 chip?

Who did you get the vesc from? Was it DOA?

Nah, stupid me didn’t adjust nunchuck timing whilst running FOC. Ramped up past 60,000 ERPM and blew them up really quick while bench testing.

Got them from Torqueboards. 4.11

I’m in San Diego but I don’t have any surface mount equipment or experience. Fry’s sells surface mount soldering equipment.

You don’t happen to have spare DRV8302 chipsets, do you? I can probably teach myself how to do surface mount soldering. Plus my Uni is bound to have an accessible soldering station.

I don’t have any. There has been posted here before a link to order those.

I don’t think TB vescs have the capacitor to make FOC more stable…

You will need a hot air station to remove the DRV chip… there are a lot of pins on both sides for removing with a soldering iron. Unless you use low melt solder.

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What capacitor would that be? Could I replace it?

I believe it is C18. There shouldn’t be anything in that spot on the PCB.

Welp. I take it I have no choice but to order from Mouser. I’m not exactly known for my patience unfortunately :sweat_smile: