Graphene Lipos for sale (sold)

image Recently got these from that big lot… never used, zero cycles on all if the batteries Brand new never used 4s and 5s Lipo batteries. Was going to be used for an electric skateboard but never were touched. They all retail for over $100 each. Letting them go for $80 each. Not firm on price so if you have an offer, shoot me a pm

3 4s 6000mah

2 5s 5000mah

Perfect for a 10s or 12s pack and zero voltage sag…

Do you know when they were purchased new and at what voltage they’ve been stored? The original big lot post looked like the bms was from 17, did he say if he bought the battery at the same time? Thanks

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$80 for each battery or each set? I’d be interested in the 5s 5ah ones because I already have some, but they were less than $100 for 2

He mentioned they were stored at the proper storage voltge. Couple of Months old. Im willing to work with people on price but will not give hobbyking sale prices. Of needed I’ll keep them and learn to use lipos

Is the $80 shipped? Or without shipping?

Shipped in the US

So that’s $80 each?


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They’re $90 and $100 new, so $10 off for an unknown history battery doesn’t seem worth it, that’s why I was asking if it was the individual batteries or the set of each type.

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They are 100-115 new. Im paying the shipping and the history is never used. The proper thing to do would be to read the post and pm to make an offer of what you think is fair😉

May I ask why the batteries look used and covered with dust? Also do you put on sale any other stuff from that big lot?

4s batteries sold… im guessing because they were bought a while ago and stores in a box but i was told zero cycles and they were placed in storage mode. As far as the lot goes im always taking offers but am in no real hurry to sell anything… i could use everything but am willing to sell certain items as well

So the pair of 5s is left? I’ve been considering lipo lately, been looking for a good deal :smiley:

@PatRocks has been trying to convince me to go lipo and i may try out it out myself… he has a solid argument and the only thing holding me back right now is finding a balance chager. I made a lil y cable to connect them in series so if i get a charger before someone buys em, imma keep em…

Yeah I’ve thinking lipo due to that high discharge. In fact most mobile devices use lipo for best space/energy efficiency.

Zero voltage sag up hills is whats making me reconsider a lipo setup. I wish i knew more about using a bms to charge em up but its still confuses me a bit

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It’s not that confusing really. The balance leads are connected to each cell individually from 1s to 5s (in case of this 5s pack).

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its almost no different than lion set up. standard bestech bms will do. pm me if you want help.

But how are the connected on a lipo? And then charging ports and man… I know i can figure it out but batteries always scare me a lil

This pic probably explain things a bit image