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Graveyard of the fallen (components of course)

Since I’m here for quite a while now, I’ve seen some broken mechanical parts, burned btteries and fried electrical components. Wouldn’t it be nice to honor the fallen on our way to perfection? I start with a common one: Blown DRV chip on the VESC :frowning:


This is to all the motors I’ve known before…



Impressive collection :wink:
Hopefully it doesn’t grow bigger!

No shit huh?

i should use them to hang stuff up on the fridge


Worn out 5-inch Skike pneumatic wheel. This was a drive wheel. Lasted about 120 miles.

hub motor

from here

Loop key made with Anderson Power Pole. Plastic tab broke off.

whats wrong with them motors? ill buy them off you. flea market prices :slight_smile: i could use the bearings

Lol it would cost more to ship them … I got these for @thisrealhuman … He wants to play evil scientist with them …

Dude you need to think of how to make a motor cover

I already know and am doing it when I get the new one

Right on man…hope it works …

It’s like your raking rocks with your motor

Not really it’s just sand and dirt but then i fucked it and welded the stator and rotor together

Maybe they need to make a silicone bikini for the motor…:thinking:

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Where did you buy those motors from?


20 words 20 20 20

All those motors that are broken, what brand are they?

20 20 20
And two NTMs lol
Yeah baby!!!

Dead FVT120a, I might be able to revive it though.