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Thought I’d give a quick update on this build. After ironing out a few things, this board is a monster. I’ve reached a top speed of 40klm with a lot more left in the controls, but that speed was enough for me. I’ve also changed dampas and moved from the yellow, to the green in both front and rear and have these screwed down pretty tight. This still allows me to carve with ease, yet feels a little more stable at speeds up to 40klm. I’m going to continue fiddling with the dampas and will probably end up with red in the rear and green in the front - not sure just yet. The mounting for the enclosure has failed and the inserts have threaded. This is because some of the screws had worked themselves loose and moved ‘up and down’ within the insert. This has then sanded the thread so I can’t use the screws anymore. No big problem. I just used bolts and nyloc nuts instead. Certainly not as ‘pretty’ as the original method, but the bolts and nuts have not come loose at all. Oh, and this thing EATS hills. I’ve just come back from a family holiday on Magnetic Island, off the coast of Townsville and there are a lot of hills around the place. My board had absolutely no problems with any of the hills over there and I was actually accelerating up the hills. I’ve currently got the motor max at 70 and my brakes are also at 70 because I found I needed that extra brake when going back downhill. I love this board and am so glad that I went through the frustrations to get it to this stage.


That’s so nice that finally things work out and you can enjoy your rides. There will always be some small things to fiddle out or improve, but that’s just for fun :sweat_smile: If you don’t find a right dampa constellation you could try your luck with elastomer damper, but I guess red green or red yellow will already give you a good result! Keep on riding :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Been lurking in here for a while now looking for inspiration for the next build. Going full at with gears and always interested to hear of other peoples experiences. Nice build and glad its all worked out for you.

Glad to hear you solved some problems and enjoying it!

What did you change to achieve it?

Increasing motor max to 70 was the key.

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Okay, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here. Reading back through my post brings a feeling of nostalgia. Since I’ve put the board together I’ve had a stack of fun riding, crashing, falling and breaking things - thankfully no bones, and I still don’t wear shoes while riding…

Anyway, on my last ride something really strange happened. I had been riding for about 5klm on fairly flat terrain. Prior to the ride, the battery in my board and my controller were fully charged. Then out in the middle of nowhere (no RF signal interference) the board stopped and the remote felt ‘strange’ as it just didn’t seem to want to work. Then all of a sudden it went from a dead stop to 100% power, leaving me flat on my back with both knees grazed and skin off my right elbow and shoulder, plus some bruised ribs.

Since that time my confidence in the board, or should I say, the remote is at an all time low. I think it might be time to replace the remote but I’m unsure on what is the best way to go. I’d love some input from you guys on a good choice for a reliable remote that will work with my current setup.

Thanks in advance.


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Personally I’ve only used these little guys (although not that specific brand) and I haven’t had any issues. I don’t live in a city, though, so not sure if a city’s worth of 2.4GHz signals might cause interference. But then you’re also in the sticks, so should be fine :man_shrugging:

I also have one of these (specifically that ebay listing), which I’m going to use on my offroad board that I’m currently working on, but I haven’t tested it yet.

Honestly sounds like some plastic part of the remote might have crapped itself. Have you taken it apart to see if there’s any broken plastic?

Thanks for the reply - much appreciated. I’ve gone with one of these remotes from @Zyb : I must say, the service was exceptional. I’m still to find the time to connect it all up to my board but I’m pretty sure it should solve my problems and hopefully over time give me the confidence to ride my board again. I have to say, that incident with the remote going crazy certainly made me rethink things. No matter how much you think you’ve got things sorted, electronics can have a mind of their own… I never want to be in that situation again.

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