Green Giant | Infinity Street Carver | MBS AT wheels | Idea Motor Mounts | SK3 - 6354-260kv | 4 4s 5ah Lipo | Dual Maytech Vesc

What it took: PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE. MBS All Terrain wheels Motors Sk3 260kv @idea Motor Mounts Belts - 285-5m-15 Rubber Timing Belt - I bought them separate because i didn’t want the wheels and I was going to use the deck with MBS Matrix II trucks but Ted Orr from @trampa informed me of the 35° bend in the board that works perfectly with their trucks. Infinity Street Carver Deck Trucks Batteries: 4x Turnigy 5000mAh 4S 25C Lipo Pack Silicone Battery covers Maytech Vesc x2

ODDs and Ends 3ft of 12awg silicone wire, XT90 connectors, XT90 Anti spark connectors HomeDepot 1" corner Braces, Velcro, foam mat, soldering, 100/140 soldering gun, electrical taple, shrink wrap

A couple more pieces of velcro to hold the wires and a .060 Kydex sheet to enclose the vesc

A Closer look

Now to wait for the rain to pass so i can take to the bike paths in Central Jersey


Looks awesome man! I’m curious to know if those wheels can go offroad effectively. I’ve kind of been wanting an offroad board, but I like the stealthiness of a regular board.

Nope. The MBS can’t go full off road. I run them on both of my boards and they kill everything my ruff city streets throw at them.

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Looks epic!!!, I wonder why you didn’t go with Lithium-Ion batteries?

I’m currently rethinking how all the components are mounted underneath the board and instead put it all in a box on the back end or between my legs

I’ll be exploring other battery types for the reconfiguration.


Nice build!

this is my very first skateboard, I’m glad i waited this long to get/make one.

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Hali, you should work on lithium ion pack and a segmented enclosure, the build looks great but the electronics at too thick. Don’t do the box on the back you will loose the coolness. Just my opinion.

I have to sacrifice something for better range, at the moment I’m getting 4.3 miles. Note, I’m a heavy rider 280lbs so I’m using more power that i’m carrying underneath the board.

With a 10s4p with Samsung 25R and your weight you should be getting 18 miles on flats

Are you getting 4.3miles for all four batteries. If so I think your cut off voltages maybe​ to high, id expect at least 10miles minimum. How are your batteries wired up, 8s? What’s your top speed?

4 batteries, Turnigy 5000mAh 4S 25C first config, 2 (5000mAh 4s) in parallel to a vesc = 4.3miles total second config, 2 (5000mAh 4s) in series to a vesc = 1.8miles total 3rd config occuring this weekend 2s1p with a splitter feeding both vesc

I should get what @Titoxd10001 expect, I’ll report back later.

Looking around to buy a battery pack from either Kaly or Barajabali depending on price.

Check your cut off voltage on the vesc’s and check capacity if you’re​ charger has that option. Something is not adding up, you should be getting decent range

Took her out for a ride this morning using Current mode, coasting when i got at speed which got me to 3.38 miles before reaching 3.4v per cell. I got fed up and rode the board till the LIPO battery voltage tester stopped chirping. Also noticed that the batteries weren’t being charged to end voltage level on the Imax B6ac 16.8V(4s)

@Titoxd10001 battery cut off start: 10 battery cut off end: 8

Ordering a custom 10s7p

Maybe one of the lipos is defective, but either way with you’re new battery you’ll never have worry about range again lol

check if your belts are getting hot. maybe they arent loose enough! you can burn a LOT of power on belts if they arent set up properly!

even though, nvm, can see in that picture that the belts are rather on the loose side :slight_smile:

for dual motor and urethane wheels, I think you can get as low as 11-12Wh/km, single drive down to 9Wh/km, pneumatics single 15Wh/km+, pneumatics dual 20Wh/km+. thats my experience at least!

Belt tension

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yea, thats really good tension :thumbsup:

Thanks, so i think its the batteries weren’t charging to 4.2v per cell and me 280lb rider weight. I’m looking at 3weeks of downtime to get the battery pack from Barajabali. What to do in that time? - Sell my Kitesurfing gear to pay for the battery pack.

NO!!! Wait for the wind! Free energy, no trouble with bad ESC, unlimited range, no need for anti-spark! :laughing::surfer: