Green light not showing up on Focbox

We are trying to connect the Focbox to the BLDC tool. We make sure the motor controller is connected to a power source. We take off the top part to make sure the usb connection is inserted fully. We click the refresh button before clicking the connection button but there is no connection detected. Upon powering up the Focbox there is no green light that appears, only the blue light. Do you guys have any suggestions? Do you think it’s a hardware or software problem? Thanks.

When we first used it, with the motor connected to the ESC, it was operating. We used BLDC --> start detection --> apply and were able to use keyboard arrows to control direction of the motor spinning. However, upon trying to write configuration according to what information was on vedders, the ESC stopped working and later would not connect.

What lights are you seeing? have you tried reinstalling the (stlink?) drivers?

Same issue

how many cells in series u used and whats your motor kv?