Green Star | MOV-E | Paris | Hummie Hubs V4 | integrated Enclosure | 12s3p VTC6 N.E.S.E. | 2xFOCBOX

IMG_20190327_191850 These arrived today :slight_smile: I’ll use the QS-8 for connecting a battery expansion pack (also 12s3p) to double the range when I want to. I will put two XT90 males in the MOV-E for the antispark plug, one connects the integrated battery and the other the expansion. I just have to put the XT90s into the corresponding port to switch :slight_smile:

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Wow. For loop key?

Edit: oh for expansion pack :smiley:

Oh no you don’t :joy:

@banjaxxed I hope Enertion won’t sue me :smiley: @LukePL Jap, I’ll put it in the middle like the usual MTB case when needed :slight_smile:IMG_20190327_192822


I use the qs8 to prevent accidental mixup with the antispark which is unlikely to happen but you never know :sunglasses: The heatpipe is overkill but I like overkill :grin: I’ll try to use the front truck as outer heatsink because of the missing ventilation. I went fine without till now but I want to stress test the hummie with 12s6p (both packs in parallel at the exact same voltage) :rofl:


Clever choice…I would already see myself next to the station, late, dark, tired…let’s go home… :fire: