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Grinding down caliber trucks

I received my aluminum pulleys today, and unfortunately they dont fit on the caliber trucks. The trucks are too wide to allow the wheel to fit on completely. I will need to grind/sand down about 1-1.5in up the truck.

What is the best/cheapest solution to achieve this? Using a file, dremel with grinding wheel?

A file would be the slow and steady way. Power tools are always easier but only if you’re confident with them.

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Maybe you can fit a skate bearing inside the pulley and thus share the load of the belt? But you might run out of axle lenght :man_shrugging:

if your talking about the mount form dickyhoe on ebay then you might not need to grind the trucks. initially it didn’t fit on my caliber trucks either but i noticed that the finish on the mounts wasn’t that great. the edges where not de-burred. if you just hit the edges with a file then it might just slip on nice and tight.

I’ve done this in the past…

  1. Wrap the axle in a bunch if painters tape
  2. Chuck the axle into a drill press
  3. Using a combo of flat file and 60 grit pipe sandpaper, sand down the hanger to the dimensions desired

Stop and measure alot and be carful of the point bits rolling around at Hugh Tom’s as the like to bite :grinning:

I did it yesterday and was too impatient to file down 6mm of alu with a file so I just whipped out the grinder, mush easier but still took a while and wouldn’t be as neat if done with a file properly

same here… first side i grinded off more than necessary… regardless and few quick passes over the 4 edges and call it a day!

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Like this ?—> I’m using callaber 2 trucks, and the hole of the 36 tooth pulley i am using is too small for the trucks to slide into. To “fix” this i instead put the bearings into the pulley it’s self, set up as if the pulley is the wheel, then i attached the pulley with a bolt to the trucks, this way because of the bearings, the trucks don’t go very far inside of the pulley at all. at this point the pulley rotates smooth and freely on its own like a wheel, from here the pulley is firmly held against the wheel with the 5 kegal type, screws. the only thing that seems off to me a “noob”, is just that because of this configuration the wheel with the pulley system / belt is slightly extended out “unlike the other wheels”. I just do not know if this will work from an engineering perspective, as i’m very new to this.

i’ll add pictures if nobody understands what i mean

-ps i know i could just grind my trucks down a little but i don’t have the tools.