Grinding Noise in brushless motor: No visible issues

I’ve been running this 190kv jlabs motor for a few years now with no issues. I’m currently working on some upgrades to my board and I heard a grinding noise. It wasn’t a big deal but after taking the motor apart and cleaning it the noise seemed to get worse. Hopefully, someone can help. All magnets seem fine though and the bearings seem okay so I’m not sure what the problem is.

Here is a video to the grinding noise. I’ll try to upload some pictures too but I’m not sure if itll work

Replace the bearings.

Their life time is not infinite.

SKFs might improve the chance of longer life.

If your magnets aren’t loose, it’s either your bearings or the shaft is loose @ the back end of the motor.

Any chance you have a link to a place to buy the replacement bearings? Or a link to a tutorial? Also, I mentioned that I have been running the motor for a few years but I can’t imagine I’ve put over 150 miles on it. Very light use with several months of a gap in between uses.

Consider that neither motor nor bearing are likely constructed for boards, more for propellers on RC models :wink:

For SKF, have a look at this shop for example. Or ebay, all you need is ID, OD and width.