Grip tape that looks new/clean all the time

8 months ago I purchased a grip tape from a local longboard shop for my Evolve, it was the best grip tape I’ve ever owned, it’s the only one that looks brand new even after runing through mud and rain several times.

The grip tape came in squared plys, here is a picture of the grip tape on my Evolve along with my rear spoiler.

I’m trying to figure out what was brand and model was that specific grip tape, the longboardc shop does know and they are no longer carring anything similar.

I’ve purchased Vicious black grip tape hoping that it was the same one but it’s way more coarse, it literaly made my fingers bleed

Can anyone help me find what grip tape is it?

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Love the spoiler!! hahahaha


Maybe Mob Grip? Medium Coarse (50?)

nevermind the grip tape. i’m pretty sure the point of this post is to show off the spoiler. don’t lie.

omg the rear traction at speed must be amazing… :wink:


I am, 100% sure, that spoiler does nothing in terms of performance. Definitely not easy to figure out which grip tape you were looking for. How about vicious grip tape?

Hahaha that f’ing spoiler made my day !

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Yeah the spoiler is Boss … Endboss :slight_smile:

you could try vicious red or cLear those are less coarse

But the color of the grip tape wouldn’t be black, I really want black grip tape.

@Eboosted +10 for the spoiler! Stability at 200mph must be rock-solid! Why don’t you call the shop you bought it from to find out what kind of grip that is?

Gator Grip is very black and comes in different level of roughness

Also GripGum is handy for cleaning griptape and make it look brand new


@treenutter unfortunately they can’t help me

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Are you kidding? do you see all of the downforce he added to his board from it? /s

There’s a pretty good amount of grip at the rear wheels when appliying full throttle at 150km/hr at the apex of the turn