"Grippiest" Wheels

What wheels have good grip, comfortable to ride on and have available wheel pullies in the market? Size of around 70 to 83mm (to 90 even). I have 83mm flywheels and they easily slip even on just slightly wet ground.

Urethane and water are pretty much always going to equal slippery.

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Do Pneumatics fare better in these kinds of conditions?

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Defently 10 char

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Oh yeah. Without a doubt. Urethane will kill you in the wet given half a chance. Bigger the better though.

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I see… What material is used on those ebay/meepo hub motors? I have those in one of my boards and I find them really grippy. It’s the one I use when it’s raining (or when I know it’s going to rain). Never had a problem carrying my fat ass on wet surfaces even going uphill (except for those steeper and muddy inclines).

Awesome. Now just a choice of waiting on compatible Six Shooters or 6.5 ones from Trampa. Interestingly there are two variants of the 6.5" tires on their site but I don’t know how they differ in terms of performance

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I’ve found the more roady the tires the better in wet stuff. My knobbly bastards are just as bad as the urethane. Well not quite but still scary.

I would imagine it’s still urethane just probably a different formula. Them gettingg better grip might be a combination of them being more worn in and different width & formula. I don’t know enough about esk8 to say what the difference is on the formula of Hub motor tires. But I know I’ve been skateboarding for over 25 years and never experienced a wheel with grip worth a damn in water.

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Not really a different formula, but Harfang skate company came out with rain wheels, which had grooves milled into them to help increase traction in wet environments. I’ve heard that it helps a bunch, although I’ve never ridden on anything like it. Harfang is selling grooved 80mm, 80a O-tang Kegels (linked here), but they cost $105-$130 USD. Might be worth the $$ if you ride in the rain a bunch.

A few companies have done Cuts in their wheels like that over the years, I’ve tried some of them… it’s a minimal difference in my opinion.

Orangutang cagumas

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Any further details on these? they look really nice. Its just a few mm short of the Gummies I think

Hope is to have these ready for market in a few months. IMG_20180731_190111689


Those look great! what pulleys would they be compatible with? I’ve got a Fatboy Mini gear drive which works on trampa style hubs.Would love to have a set of urethane wheels to use as well. Trampa so far is the only option though

From my POV the only answers to your question is the new blue caguamas 85mm 77A

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42t pulley. Standard DIY backbspacing IMG_20180428_180522796


In your opinion is there enough of a difference that I could buy some flywheel clones and lathe my own grooves in them? Or is not even worth the $25 for the clones? I’m planning on riding my board in the rain every day for a couple of miles during school.

They’re like unicorns though… where can we get them?

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