Griptape Inspiration | Pictures thread

Hello everyone, I’m trying to design something awesome for the top of my deck, which let’s be honest, is as important a part of the deck as all the other parts ;), and well done griptape art, well it just looks Sweet!! :heart_eyes:

So I’m starting this thread, to be a inspirational place, I want to see what you amazing people have done with your boards! And share opinions, Pictures, drawings, sketches, whatever it is STRUT THAT STUFF! :rainbow:

To start the thread off, I included some of my design ideas for my deck that I drew up tonight.


Custom grip and stain


You must be reading my mind lol

Check it @Mobutusan

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Griptape is largely under apriciated in this forum, I hope I can help change that. Share the :heart_exclamation:

thinking about changing it to match my carbon fibre theme. Suggestions?

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@Krudte I was PMing @Mobutusan for some inspiration last night and you posted a thread …

Perfect :ok_hand:t2:

This should be an interesting thread.

Who can name this molecule?

And this symbol?


Just contemplating things and stuff. I really need an upturned nose, so @longhairedboy 's scarlet may not be my final choice.

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The molecule is C9H13NO3 (Epinephrine) also known as adrenalin! The symbol kinda looks like a cross section of a brushless outrunner :smiley:


Ding ding ding! We have a winner! :tada:

That’s a good observation on the other one, but it actually has a much darker side…:wink:

I thought it was the symbol of the empire in star wars…but I could see it being the cross section of motor :smiley:


I do custom griptape jobs for all of my builds, personal or customer, electric or not. Most of them I do by hand, but I have a laser cutter for the second somebody asks for something more complicated


All hand, super happy with it


@cmatson You really seem to like the stealth fighter style. I do too. The logo, carbon fauxber, and all the angles work really well. Almost to pretty to step on and ride. And all by hand? Well done. :clap:

Yep, I’m happy with how it turned out-

Was initially just going to clear grip on the logo (like it is now) and regular grip everywhere else, but the board was wider than the griptape, so I had to start cutting it up and improvising!


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Still a work in progress and waiting for parts to turn up


The old carbonfiber custom deck