Ground up e-mtb | MBS Comp95(?) | Matrix | MBS Rockstar Pro Hubs | VESC (?)

Yea, I thought about places like Thingiverse and Pinshape, but this scan data isn’t printable, and those are 3d print file repositories.

I actually scanned this at work, with a NextEngine 3d scanner (they are about $3k). Process looked like this:

I then trimmed extra points in the NextEngine software, and exported as a non water-tight .stl


Ok I see.

@dmegret cool tech! What your work is using it for?

Mh yeh I saw stl format and thought u might as well use it too…

@Okami I work for Formlabs, we make Desktop SLA 3d printers, so generally have a lot of 3d input/output related tech laying around the office.

Cool. Formlabs seem to be high grade printers. U probably know what you are doing very well hah

Regarding 3d printers, hopefully :wink:, don’t know much about EV’s though.

All the info should be out there, somewhere :slight_smile: More problems is when you need some real life data, like energy consumtion, power needed etc…

There are usually basic guidelines everyone tends to follow but with your skills I think u can and will be crafty enough to make your own way and things to make it work :wink:

That is really cool. I was thinking of trying a method to create a 3d model that I’d found on YouTube where you take a bunch of photos from different angles and the program stitches them together to create a 3D model.

And just a side note, mostly in case you ever deal with vendors for motor mount parts in the future, but I believe the trucks you have are generally referred to as “Matrix 1” or just “Matrix” trucks and not “Matrix 2”. Although the photo you posted does seem to create some confusion since it appears to say “Matrix II” on them. Maybe the “II” after “Matrix” are not numerals, but just cosmetic lines?

This photo shows the latest versions of MBS Matrix trucks in this order: -Matrix I Pro -Matrix I -Matrix II


I’ve used 123D catch before, and it works pretty decently when viewing the model with the overlaid textures, but the actual 3d model is often pretty wonky (kinda like low-poly video games). Funny coincidence I’ve actually worked with Ehsan Noursalehi in the past (small world I guess).

I didn’t realize about the naming scheme (just used what I thought was the name on the truck), I’ll update my thread name + post :slight_smile: Although mine don’t seem to match any of those 3 (looks closest to the Matrix I, but mine don’t have the holes cut out)

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@dmegret I am building a setup based on MBS Rockstar II Hubs. What was your final outcome for pulleys for them?

@flywithgriff I have not made too much progress on this project. Work has been all consuming. I have linked to the file for the pulley I ended up making, but I have not been able to put it to use/test it yet. It does fit on the hub, and feels quite secure though.

link to stl:


Hi there. This is nearly a year later but I would be interested to see how you got on with your build as I am looking to do the same myself. In the end which esc/vesc did you decide to go with? Thanks

Hi demegret,

would it be possible, to get the CAD-Data of the MBS-Pulley in your post (.step or.iges). I want to change the dimensions for a 15mm belt and it´s hard to work with the .stl…

regards, Klaus

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can you do it with the mbs ATS 12 trucks :slight_smile: they are tapered arrrr