GROUP ASK : Kug3lis' mountainboard universal mounting plate (MBS & TRAMPA) for Dual FocBox CNC machined case

Nope its only for focboxes

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hubba hubba,selling another child, hold order #1090 to add some of these beauties.

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This is how the shock absorbers move :stuck_out_tongue:


I bought it of course! Orders #1086 et #1104 together. Thanks I hope you’ll sell many more!

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I know it says focbox but would it be able to house a pair of max6 escs? Also where are you shipping from ? Do ship to the UK?

Nothing a drill and tap couldn’t handle

It’s only made for foxboxes, but you would need to make your own holes and probably flatten out stand offs. We ship worldwide :wink:

Are trampa mounting plate / enclosure for dual focboxs still availble? Says sold out on 3servicias site but I had to ask and am very interested in purchasing asap (please if possible lol)

Will be available in 2-3 weeks :slight_smile:

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Hi here :wave:

I see this reporting in esk8fr forum. This move way too much and this shock absorber are not good for esk8/emtb abuse … (300km and 3 dead). Just to start thinking about the upgrade :slight_smile:

I can’t say by myself now, it doesn’t fit whitout some DIY. But soon and with SA upgrade I hope. If you guys have other idea… I will use rubber 2 / 3 or 4 mm sheet cutting by hand. Show you soon :wink:

Also, Kug3lis did you make the report I give you last months, about the holes issues that don’t fit Street carver position? Or make the change for the new bach ? Even with the bigger drill I get (10mm) re-drill it doesn’t fit right, then you have to send it … But I should make it fit finaly soon :blush: I have to finish my riser before.

The new batch which still havent been made yet will have it fixed for carve spring position like I said before :slight_smile:

Regarding dampers, maybe your cables pull it too much around? You are first to report about it, some other emtb who went hard on offroad didn’t had problems, I have broken mine but mine because I pulled so hard was lazy to unscrew to push cables under.

Rubber sheet will not help too much as your screws will transfer vibrations from baseplate.

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Thanks for your feedback, yes I see for the screw tips that will not work :rofl: you right ! Need to find an other thing…

For the dampers, yes maybe, like I told you its a feedback from esk8fr. Will transfert your too :wink:

@Kug3lis : I killed the Shock Dampeners while unmounting the plate, because of too much Loctite. Is it possible to buy some from you? (maybe 20, something like that)?

Yeah it should be, I will write you PM when I get some info :wink:

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Me too please

We figured out it would be cheaper for you guys to buy own your own from amazon then from us as the shipping would cost more than those absorbers :smiley:





Mine also broke but I found those dampers as well, wondering if something stronger could be used… some sort of little metal spring with a threaded insert on one end and male m3 on the other

In mine the nut came out of the rubber casing on every one, the marine conditions would not help.

Actually I removed them because they broke.


My fault because holes I made in carbon fiber plate were misaligned a little bit.