Group buy discussion Europe


I would like to organise a group buy on year to help you guys out and myself…

I am currently looking to buy a controller and I thought it would be a good idea to have a group buy

The controllers we could group buy are the benchwheel remote

Winning small 2.4ghz remote as seen here

For around $47-50

Trigger style as seen here

For around $30-33

Where do these come from? China i assume, if there would be a group buy from US parts i’d like to get some BlankWheels to^^

Yeah they come from China - but im sure i can get some wheels for you if you wanted them from china

I’d certainly be interested on one of those Winning remotes :slight_smile:

Sounds good I know i can order like 10 Winning and 10 Trigger Styles and still get a decent discount :smiley:

I would take a nano remote! I am in.

Nice when this gets going I will organise it bit better :yum:

I am in for the nano. I live in Austria.

Ok i have decided that the nano is the most popular controller to group buy - ill make another thread and tag you guys in it

Wait isn’t the “Winning” remote the one that Enertion uses and not the Nano Remote you linked?

Go to my more updated thread

Also any admins here - would like to close the thread i got the info i needed :smiley: