Group buy Europe - TorqueBoards 218mm Trucks


someone in europe are interested in a set of TorqueBoards 218mm trucks? collections/featured-items/products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks

i would like to know how many people are interested to buying some, maybe if we are some people here we can get some discount or at least paying less customs…

i like those trucks because is the only way to use all terrain wheels in a regular longboard, because calibers trucks are too short to fit that kind of wheels

let me now, leave a comment below :slight_smile:

thanks, Miquel

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I might take a pair of those trucks off you @BoostedBuilder - I owe a very kind soul a pair …

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What Hubs are you using? Those are 6x2" tires right?

@Maxid im using those hubs from @diyeboard

no one is interested?

I might be depending on the price

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I might be interested if something goes wrong with @BoostedBuilder order. But for now I´ll wait for that

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I have a set of these and can tell you guys they are great quality.

One word of caution though, they come with spacers and you need to run them with a washer and spacer on the inside of the wheels. You can’t run them without as the thread on the end is not long enough.

I am in for a set.

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I am interested. I need a truck I can use with a set of AT from Evolve. I thought I could just use the 184 caliber, but i can not?

Please put me down for a set

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I would also take a set

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I’d be up for a set

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I might be interested depending on price

Would be interested if possible to get it for around 60 euros

What are we thinking of here in terms of price and time especially? @tueboard

Same here, Interested if pricing is fair and customs won’t bomb.

I am out. Fund another solution.

What did you find

Different truck with mount.

He is sending me other stuff anyway, so he can easily throw those in the box as well.