(Group buy) Maytech 6880 8mm x 34mm shaft, 160kv , sensor wire 2.0 JST and logo or no logo

Ok Guys,

I have spoken to the rep.

The 6880 motor can be made with a

  • 10mm shaft machined down to 8mm x 34mm for gears 8mm wide.

  • The KV can be customized to 160

  • custom length phase wires

  • correct JST 2.0 for the sensor wires 100mm longer than phase wire

  • logo or no logo

We have worked closely with Maytech on the materials, connectors, procedures, and quality of their motors to address some areas that needed improvement in hopes of bringing a higher quality product to the community

This will be the first time these are made with this can size, kV, and shaft

50 units MOR (minimum order requirement).

Cost per unit is $140 shipping will be assessed at the time of payment depending on your location.

We have an affiliate now in the EU we can ship EU orders to direct from the factory and only shipping to the final destination will be needed beyond order payment.

Please let me know what you think (community)


Is this only limited to 6880 motors or are you able to mix other size motors?

I’m interested in 6355 motors at 160kv.

At the moment this is only for the 6880 motors. I can ask about winding 2 6365 at 160kv and the cost.

In order to get the desired 6880, we would need 50.


I may be down for a set depending on how soon/late it happens!

I’d be down for

  • 2 x 8mm shaft
  • 2 x 10mm shaft

In the EU

Is there import duties necessary to pay on top for EU or is that factored into that price? Aware that we need to pay for onwards EU shipping to our location, that’s :sunglasses:



Ye. Damn customs matters.

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If I understand well @hyperIon1 the motors are shipped directly from the partner in EU to customers in EU so no custom fees. Am I right?

Are we still able to order the 190kv variant with this Group Buy?

When you say you’ve worked with them on connectors etc, I don’t suppose you’ve managed to get them to not coat their phase wires with that God-awful enamel that people seem to be having great difficulty removing effectively?

ho nooooo… no more 140kV or less… :no_mouth:

[spoiler]After a week looking for 6384 (except APS) or 6880 at >140kV…
the penultimate test will be to ask custom one at some AliX shop. But I’m afraid to get bad motor once again… (and if it’s like FS after sales service … )[/spoiler]

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My thoughts as well. Was hoping for a 140kV option. :pensive:


Does anyone know if these will fit an e-toxx mini drive? @Nowind

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Yes they will. Only the shaft length could be an issue, but that’s easy to fix. Just cut or get a spacer or print a spacer :wink:

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I made the test :wink:


Great. Cutting the shaft is not a problem.

I have 7 angle grinders to choose from (angle grinders are like esk8s, you can never have enough :smirk:)


Can we order extra shafts? 8mm and 10mm?

Yes, the Phase wires will be regular silicone coated instead of the enamel stuff.

we can order just shafts. 10mm and 10mm to 8mm once they are made. 200 10/8mm will be made and 0nly 50 used if the GB goes well.

as for EU customer, if shipped to the Brussels guy, you only need to pay postage from him to you. arranged once he has your stuff.

we can add some 10mm shaft but would like to hit our minimum in the 8mm so the shafts can be made for future orders.

160kv isn’t set in stone, im sure 140kv isn’t that much harder or expensive to do.

any export or import fees and shipping is included in the individual cost. so EU customers everything is paid to get the motors to Brussels

other than USA and EU shipping and declarations will be appropriate for your countries extortion fees (low)

We are aware of the Maytech return policy. We don’t handle issues with these products the same way. If there is an issue with a motor or controller we try to exchange (if in stock) or handle any returns personally so we know its taken care of. sometimes the process is longer than expected. Production times and factory stock has played a part in the delays.

Out of the last Group buy we had 6 motors with issues and to date all but one has been replaced. the last one will be replaced this next week. We replace these defective motors from our own stock or out-of-pocket until the damaged one is repaired. This can be dangerous because not everyone will send the return motor in and we will lose that money. We don’t want to lose money but rather we do than our customers.

To those customers with damaged motors please send them in so we can repair or replaced, thank you.


Great work getting this together. I’ve been keeping my eye on it :grinning: I would be in for 2x of the 140kv, but probably not if its the 160kv motors. :+1:t2:


So that would be already 6x 140kV. Not sure if @taz would like 140kV as well rather than 160kV. If so than even already 8 :sweat_smile: @hyperIon1 hold us up to date :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would prefer 140kv for my trampa.


we can just buy (50) 6880 140s and sell them over time; I’ll reach out to Eileen tomorrow.