Group BUY-MBS ALL TERRAIN WHEEL 100mm - checking interest please vote - fill out form

I’m looking to do a group buy for:


For now I would like to know…

How many sets you would purchase if I was able to get decent deal…

I don’t know how much… but I’ll try to work my magic

  • I’d buy a set (4 wheels)
  • I’d buy two sets (8 wheels)
  • I’d buy three sets
  • back the truck up to my house :house_with_garden:

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This is the form:

Are you talking about the 100mm ones?

Yes sir that’s the ones

This is what happens when you girl talk with @longhairedboy hahahaha

Haha. I don’t think I need them right now. Just finished one build and am almost finished the other. Hope it goes well though. Now I’m going to cruise the beach at 40kmh… :grin:

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I’m not it interested but are you getting green or black

Enjoy it sir🤘🏻

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Let’s make a poll of what color…

  • I like green, because it’s not easy being green (Kermit the :frog:)
  • I like black, it makes my board look thinner
  • I like tacos :taco: a lot!

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I’d take a set if it’s for the black ones. I already have a set but I’d like another for my other board. :slight_smile:

I am probably going to do one for Europe, @Mark found them for me. :slight_smile:


It’s always easier to do a separate one

Pretty shit ride. It was working flawlessly last night. One phase wire came loose :sob:

I have a black set of these. They’re pretty awesome.


Ok looks like black is the winning color

We shall keep it simple

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Don’t forget to put in a vote for how many…

I’ll do my best to get the biggest discount and let you all know…

So put those votes in please ( only vote if your are looking to get in on the group buy )

I wanted to get these, but just wondering if its cheaper to get them from their aus supplier (i can get them for 120 aud shipped from aus)

The cheapest I’ve found is little over $60usd shipped

I’m interested in green

Ok mate noted

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Thanks because it didn’t let me vote in second poll

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