GROUP BUY Photon Remote

Hi guys,

I’ve been following @Wajdi 's Photon remote thread and I’ve noticed that there is quite some interest in a group buy. At this point I’m just gauging interest. If we can get 10+ people we can get bulk discount of 10% and we can kick this off.


The remote comes with a receiver, UART cable, and an online manual. One remote will be €144 excluding shipping from me to you.

You can also order extra receivers. Extra receivers will be €30 each.


Shipping will be around 10-15 bucks. Around 20 if you live like in Antartica or something :yum: . Keep in mind shipping prices are all guesstimates.

People outside the EU are also free to take part but shipping will most likely be more expensive.

If you want to participate please fill in the form below.

All payments will be done through Paypal.

This post will be updated as things change, so check back if you don’t want to miss a thing.

I’m located in The Netherlands.


Not to persuade anyone or yeah whatever but have you checked the firefly remote out? Much cheaper and has almost same features

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No, I didn’t.

Bu no-one is selling the comlete firefly remote until now, right ? I menad it seems to be manageable in DIY, but still in my case its a matter of spare Time.

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Please a link?

Still I want a photon, too!

I like the photon more, that display with real-time data is really appealing for me.

That DIY remote is also all about real time data as well. It is also possible to use one remote for all of your boards but it comes with potential flaws which you will have to deal with yourself. Once you iron them out it is a great remote. Even if you buy from someone i imagine it will cost you around 50 euros which is one third of a photon remote.

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yet still it has only a very small display where you cant see everything like the photon.

yes, display could have been bigger and its just a matter of design. bigger display is almost the same price as the one in DIY but at the end its a personal preference.

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As much as I’d like to discuss other things here, this is the photon group buy. If you’re interested in taking part let me know and please stay on topic. Thank you all for your consideration & much love.

count me in, what about VAT? will there be an estimated end price?

How many remotes do you want? There will be no VAT as I’ll mark all items as gifts. I’ll update the original thread post to include any updates so keep an eye on it if you don’t want to miss something. Maybe I’ll add a google form as well.

EDIT: Google form added. Please fill it in.

If there is a possibility of more than one receiver (in order to use with multiple boards) - bind to board in use, then I’m interested for sure, can you check with @Wajdi

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Sure, will do.

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@banjaxxed I implemented that feature on the new FW v0.4. You can setup up to 4 different boards to the same remote, and each board can have up to 4 receivers.


And that I see the differentiator along with the form and large screen which makes it more desirable to the diy crowd, for me I’m not able until the end of the month, if I can pay then I’m probably in depending on receiver cost for 1 or 2 extra receivers

I’m not sure what you mean by that. Can you please elaborate?

I mean it’s great :blush:

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Ah, thanks for your input!

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