GROUP BUY Photon Remote

Äh, “gifts” i do not think that gift is a term to not pay VAT, specially if you import 10 or more pieces.

At leat in Austrai there is a rule that everything over a value of 150€ including Shipping costs you’ll have to pay VAT not matter if its a new, used or gifted Item.

So pretty sure you have to count with 20% VAT and between 2-5% of the toatl prive for toll Import costs.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into it.

check it up, in germany there is a value above XX euro there is the need to pay VAT

Are you receiving goods from abroad, from private individuals, e.g. from family members or friends? Is the value not more than € 45? Then you do not pay taxes to import the goods.

Is the value over € 45, but no more than € 700? Then you pay 2.5% of the value of the goods and VAT (0 or 6 or 21%).


@uigiroux @notger

The problem is that it is over 700…

what about splitting up in 2 orders? in germany i would pay 19% alone if i just order 1 remote… so it would cost 200€ for me, that is way too much.

This could work but then I’ll have to pay shipping twice. I’ll have to work out the kinks with @Wajdi. Total amount to pay per remote would still be under 200 bucks though.

well wajdi said shipping is 30 flat or not? better pay shipping for 5 remotes at 30€ than the full vat on every item or not?

or does the value count on the whole order?

The value counts on the whole order. Say the total amount is 1500 euros. Add 2.5% of 1500 on top of that. Then I’d have to pay 21% vat above that so yeah… Total amount tax to pay €322,88 So in the end I have to fork out around 1.822,88 And that’s just an estimate… Lol

i think splitting up is the way to go in this case. better 3x times shipping cost than 20% vat

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Yeah, I think so too. I’ll do some more reading on customs and consult with wajdi. Will update if anything happens.

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Oiii Dutchie here, I’m interested. Will the remote be 3d printed like in the other topic or more smooth and fancy?

It’s the same as in the other topic. No alterations made whatsoever. Please fill out the Google form.

in my expereience reading is not the best way to find that out. Contact your Toll-bureou of your country ant tell them what you want to import -> and don’t try to tell them lies or understate the reals cost…they will be able to tell you axactly what you have to pay at the end.
Reading that stuff on websites will give you many different optinions and probably old infos, caus tax law is changing too.

In my experience with Austrian Tax/Toll in most cases it was cheaper to order a single item under 150€ and save toll (or the seller was so kind and wrote a lowered invoice -> but in this case be careful again and pay in two pieces so that oune paypal transaction ist under 150€)

Oh, and be aware you pay Tax and toll for the price of teh Product plus shipping costs !!

Yeah I know. Thanks for your input! It helps a lot. :slight_smile:

Would like to know the final price aswell before joining.

Ordering one would be around 180 eur total (incl. import/vat/tax/shipping), what are we looking at here?

Just a little Calculation Example 185$ Photon plus shipping = exactly 150 € right now so youll pay no Toll

150€ +20% Tax +~10€ import cost from courier = 190€

Group Buy 1456$ 10X Photon plus shipping = 1181€

1181€ +20%tax +5%toll +~10€ import cost from courier = 1486 € /10 = 147€ +10€ shipping Europe =158€ per piece including shipping/tax/toll/courierimportcosts

So it might be 32€ cheaper per Piece in Group buy than if you buy it alone, still quite expensive?

??hmm maybe @Wajdi would be up for a 20% discount for a European Group buy of 20 persons ?


$146 without import/shipping. It’s not the final price. Check above for more info.