GROUP BUY: Upgraded Ownboard ESC + hub motor + remote


I don’t think the Ownboard ESC and remote needs any introduction, but for those not in the know, it has a super smooth throttle and brake that’s nearing VESC levels of smooth. The ESC is reflashed with a higher ERPM, so it’s capable of hitting 24mph on meepo-styled hubs.

I’m ordering a ton of them in a couple weeks, so I figured this is a pretty good opportunity to set up a group buy.

Modified ESC + Meepo-style hubs with ebike connectors + Ownboard Thumbwheel remote = $200 including shipping


Hmmm. Might be interested for a kid’s build. Need me info.

Gotta be a little bit more specific than that.

I’ll bite…how big are the wheels? What kv are the hubs?

If you could somehow prove 24mph I would cry because I’m Running uncensored single motor and your telling me You can get same theoretical top speed but with 2 motors for nice braking, For a lot less. I needed to buy a Pulley kit, Motor mount, Trucks that work with it, a remote, a focbox etc :joy:

I’m in, im from EU so i dont know how that will go.

are you going to use these for the predator as well?

If you could get some without having to get hubs i could be interrested.

90mm wheels, 65KV.

Yep this is going to be equipped in the Banshee. Notice the custom motor end cap sporting my modified logo. Since I’m going to be ordering a batch of them, I may as well open a quick group buy and see if any builders here are interested for their budget builds.


I’d have to talk with the supplier to see if that’s doable. I’ll have an update hopefully later.

So a dual hubs, esc and remoter for 170$ Seems like a steal to me

Yep, that’s the deal.

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If there will be a group buy for EU I’m interested.

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I can probably arrange for a shipment to be sent to a UK member for distribution. Would probably be cheaper than drop shipping each individual kit directly from the manufacturer.

Does it include front truck? I’m freaking tempted. Knowing the care brought to your Banshee I suppose you know what you’re offering. What’s the width? 180mm?

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No there won’t be a front truck for all of this. It’s solely the rear truck, ESC, remote, and motors.

Edit: And yes, the rear trucks should be 180mm

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I’m down to buy when are u ordering them

in a couple weeks from now once the current stock runs out.

Are the escs configurable? What battery voltage are required/recommended?