Group Buy - VESC Parts (GER/EU)

Hey Guys, i orderd today 10x 4.12 VESC PCBs, and i am now looking for parts. (Mouser)

But i saw its really expensive to buy only one set of it. 1 Set: 38 Articles ( BESTELLSUMME: 70,44 €) ------------- 70,44€ per VESC 10 Sets: (BESTELLSUMME: 553,56 €) ------------------------- 55,35€ per VESC

Pls PM or Post here if you are interested.

PS:Its my first build, i am planning to build more VESCs but i am not liquide now (Study electronics…). so i am looking for some samples or maybe a cheap set of components.

Maybe someone could help me out? :slight_smile: If i get the first one running, i will buy more.


maybe you can buy broken VESCs and reuse some parts?

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Are you including the PCBs for the Vescs? What would be the price with the group buy around?

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@E-Boarding That’s a good idea!, Do you have some broken VESC? Or do you know somebody…?

@Pantologist Hmm… I would take a least 2 for me (if I kill one) So maybe 8 to sell. Idk but maybe +10€ for the PCB So if we buy 10 Sets -> SET+PCB=65,35€ +Post

And I forgot, it’s all parts but not the white connectors.

Edit: also forgot… I have a reflow oven… So maybe we can change I place a PCB for you <-> some components

I’ve this shorted beaty. A new one costs 90 Eur, repairing this would cost about 60 Eur. I don’t know what parts can be reused or repaired, is this broken VESC worth 30 Eur?

How did you short it? Just curious.

Id be interested in a group buy for the parts for the new v6 version which is currently tested - since it will take some time for any job to offer them, Id rather solder them myself later. But some parts have changed and thus it might be better to hold on for another 1-2 months for the new version

By mistake by checking the voltage

Early adopters VESC 6 testing, I like this very much, can’t wait to use FOC with it

would you also solder them for some extra moneys? if so, what would a finished vesc cost?

I would like to chime in because i would need the better Caps. at C37 and C51 and C18 to replace the standard ones. So i would like to buy four of each one if you are going to organize this. I am located in germany (too i assume, “bestellsumme”) so the shipping would be low to me. :wink:

Don’t forget the 19% “Mehrwertsteuer”. Mouser calculates this at the very end of the ordering process. And I can tell you from my group buy that it was very time consuming. When you count the hours for splitting the parts and stick them on paper, driving to the post office often you see that it is definitely not cost effective. At the end it was a experience, but you don’t save any money. :grin:

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@mrpj Where did you get this information :slight_smile:? Because I also can wait some month…

Maybe I do the group buy later. If someone could say not more than 3 month :smile:

I`ve read the updates from benjamin in his vesc forum. Readin his latest post let me assume that we are not too far away from a (final) Version 6

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