Group buying for prebuild or DIY premium/high performance configuration

Hey bro’s

I am living in “old” continent, and plan to get a high performance board. Currently, 3 options are opened (alphabetic order): Bioboards, DIY (direct drive), Evolve. another vendor is out of the race due to its shipping reputation and its recently quality issues.

Do you think that some riders would take into consideration a group buying as or another site?

Delay to do the deal: 1-6 months, the objective is to get at least 15% off.

deal will go to a prebuild board or DIY hardwares to DIY/“copy/paste” high performance with improvment/customization …


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I :clap: as I :love_you_gesture: your approach Very :ok_hand: initiative, I will take into consideration your proposal, so :+1: to ride into your :footprints: and save :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:.


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What continent? Usually shipping parts to 1 person and them shipping it assembled to others brings the cost up, not down, and I doubt you’ll be able to find enough people who want the same exact board to make it worthwhile. Just saying.

North Europe. Best way to miss the podium consists to stay on the roadside saying it is not possible.

If shop can forecast stocks and buy hardware that are already linked to customers, let do it.

I did it many times for computers, scuba diving gears, TV… As a user, never as list owner, but let do it…


To complete my group buying wish.

price cut off on cells can be more important than 20% w/o negotiation have a look here:

  • Buy 10 times for €3.54 (€2.93 without VAT)
  • Buy 50 times for €3.42 (€2.83 without VAT)
  • Buy 100 times for €3.29 (€2.72 without VAT)
  • Buy 200 times for €3.14 (€2.6 without VAT)
  • Buy 600 times for €3.04 (€2.51 without VAT)

so group buying can worth it.

What is the purpose of this you aren’t making things clear…

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I gonna try to do some cost saving, it is too late for this summer, but most of them are locked on weather prediction to check when are we going to say Good Morning to the asphalte?

Riders, so customers are looking for the last devs, to extend range, velocity, resiliency, and pleasure. reading this forum, I saw (perhaps I am wrong) that:

  • balance between DIY/prebuild is most of the time driven by cost.
  • DIY customers are looking for the same kind of hardware (motors, batteries, FOCBOX, deck) and some variance for wheel (110 for thane got most of the focus) enclosures…
  • prebuild customer are looking for (premium: performance), other right cost/performance, and they are moving away from company with bad shipping feedback, or QC issues),

So why don’ I try to merge some whish list and get price cut off on hardware/prebuild du to volume? 10-15 x 12S4P to 12S10P in 1 row is not the same than 1 / row, exactly the same for 10-20 focbox, motors, etc. The shop can increase its volumes w/o risk for the stock and cash, as everything will be paid in 1 row.

So my objective:

  1. initialize a whish list
  2. when volumes are here, request rebat engagement to shops on volumes
  3. validate customers’ s engagement …
  4. buy at a good price.

ie. in case of:

  • prebuild, I will probably have a look on KALY.NYC 50+ and Bioboards Thorium X.
  • DIY, I will check hardware with Direct Drive, 12S6P to 12S10P, FOCBOX, 110mm or pneumatic, 2WD or 4WD, etc…

Alright whatever I don’t think its worth it but that’s just me

Too much logistical headaches and risks involved


I’m not clear on what you want. If it’s a custom DIY esk8 with a discount I’m not sure group buy is the way to go as there are so many options, they are virtually infinite.

I would suggest talking with @psychotiller, @longhairedboy, maybe @JLabs. Tell them what your budget is and see if they can build something you like withing the price range.

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I wouldn’t touch an evolve after some of the stories I’ve read of guys in Oz riding them FYI

Let try, it is one path to follow, but as they are not working for free, volumes will help. I am sure that there is cost saving to do. Ok shops will reduce their margins but also if it is prepared with care they will reduce stocks cost, buy more volumes to vendors, and kill time to stock so they will improve their contribution rate. So let try to get volumes before to contact pros.

I don’t know about evolve, is it due to bluetooth issue on carbone wall? carbon fibers are conductive so they can do some interferences with radio signals, as water is doing with wifi at home and radiocommunication with submarines. Solution: bamboo deck w/o carbon fibers layers or Bluetooth antenna to bypass carbon fibers’ “wall”. The objective of this post is to launch a group buying. Not to brainstorm on: does evolve worse than Enertion or Enertion is the ultimate bettlejuice?