Group meet up in downtown Chicago

Guys, anyone available for a meet up downtown Chicago? I’m available this Friday- Sunday July 8-10, otherwise Saturdays and Sundays afterwards

I’ve only skated out of the city to Oak Park once (down Randolph and then lake) do you know if there are places the :policeman: are cool with us cruising? Saw some stuff on the books about no motorized things in the business district but not sure really where that applies or if it’s enforced. Would be down for meeting up though assuming schedules work out. I cruise mostly around Oak Park have only ever been stopped once in Berwyn but was mostly shake down and I had hopped off on to a sidewalk since it started raining… Anyhow yeah would like to know your experience riding downtown.

I live and ride around Hinsdale, IL but also work and ride downtown Chicago without any problems. I’ve ridden through the Taste of Chicago past many cops, both on sidewalks and streets without any problems. They see us as the same as bicyclists basically.

Cool yeah most of the police I’ve encountered or talked with while I had my board were just curious about it and even the one that stopped me said he wasn’t really worried about the board just wanted to search my bag. Glad to hear you’ve got some experience riding downtown too though and haven’t been hassled. Will see who else chimes in and when works best.