Group ride. Sunday November 18. Long Beach, CA

Hello, I want to do a group ride this Sunday the 18th. The plan is to meet up at DeForest Park at 10:00am and start the ride at 10:30am.

DeForest Park

The ride will be 12 miles down the LA river bike trail to the Belmont brewing company for a bite to eat (or drink.) Then ride back the 12 miles return trip for a total of ~24miles.

Everyone welcome. There should be a charge spot at lunch location. Will have a tow rope just in case. Let me know if you’d like to go


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Man I dont think I can push 24 miles lol. 18 tops…

Deforest park :hushed: !?!

Give it a shot Ill bring the tow rope. And there’s always Uber also

Weird name but yeah that’s what it’s called

I used to live nearby on atlantic And market between 2000-2004 Wasn’t always the safest area lol

Hm… The motorcycle show is happening this weekend… It’s near the aquarium.

Wondering if ride then moto show then ride back?

Prob not since not everyone into motorcycles…?

Didn’t look too bad when I’ve passed through there…

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Hmm $17 entrance and have to carry my board. Maybe not

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:+1:t3: Things do change. This was quite a long time ago. Hopefully i can make it out from SD

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Just came back from a three day moto ride on Monday😎.

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I might be in, possibly another buddy too. Be a good test of the LaCroix board range

agreed, skip it!

Cool. This is couple more miles than last time. Everyone pretty much made it last time, only two didn’t by less than a mile

What battery were the people that didn’t make it using?

My current boards are all 3P so just cruising would get me a little over 16 miles

One was lipo but don’t know capacity. And they pretty much made the 20mile trip they just limped/pushed the last couple football field lengths

I’ll bring the tow rope lol

I got towed once, foot stop failed, almost ripped my ankles off