GroupBuy - 6 directfet anti-spark switch by way of @goldenHusky

@goldenHusky just released some great looking (and performing, i’m sure) anti-spark switches, take a look here:

as they’re priced now, it would be over $100usd shipped individually. i’m in touch with goldenHusky about a group buy right now, looks like 10% off, so 54eur, or 64usd before shipping.

we can order these switches with wires attached and shrink wrapped, that would make it 58eur, or 69usd before shipped.

you will then have to source your own SPDT LED switch to power it on / off.

or…we can source the very basic switch from goldenHusky, then i can source everything else and install them. probably cost another $10 to attach wires, shrink wrap, and the SPDT LED switch. all said, this would probably be approaching $85 per switch shipped within the US.

so, let’s have a poll with the options and see what’s what:

  • $64 option, without shipping - very basic switch, each person installs wires / wraps / on-off switch
  • $69 option, without shipping - get switch with wires and wrapped, each person installs on-off switch
  • $85 option, shipping included - very basic switch, then @thisguyhere installs wires / wraps / on-off switch
  • individual option - each person buys direct from @goldenHusky

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these are all preliminary, rounded numbers. i’ll tighten these figures later on, but it shouldn’t deviate too much either.

Where are you located?

Los angeles, for you it’d make more sense to buy direct, I’m trying to minize eu to usa shipping costs.

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Yeap, good luck tho

How much current (continuous) can they handle?

that would be a question for @goldenHusky