GT2B Configuration in BLDC Tool

So, I have been trying to configure my GT2B controller in the BLDC tool. I set it so that the throttle trim is at 50% and then pulled the trigger and typed in the value and did the same for the brake. But then when I write the configuration the value on the display jumps to like 65% and the throttle doesn’t work, but when I push forwards the motor starts to spins up to full throttle. I can’t figure out what the perfect setting.

I don’t know if the images will help but those are what the pulse width ranges should be.

Two things: 1. On the bench(without load)the VESC will go full throttle with very little trigger. 2. You need to mess with the Max/Min pulse width settings until you are at 50% with no movement of the trigger.

Okay, so that’s it? I thought you had to pull the trigger to set the Max/Min?

there’s a switch on the gt2b called “reverse throttle” or something like that. flip it

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It only does that when I set the minimum pulse width below 1 ms though

does what…

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The thing I described in my original post. When I set the min below 1 ms the throttle stops working and when I push it forward (for the brake) it goes full throttle and doesn’t stop unless I disconnect the battery.

Yeah, flip it then remove it. :grinning:

My very first esk8, a santa Cruz 30in bad hand double kick…I used a gt2b. I built it, everything tested fine, jumped on it and hit the trigger.

End result was me on my ass and the board 40 feet behind me. I started working slower and learned the proper wheel roratiin after that.

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I finally got a chance to try this. I set the max and min limits and flipped the switch, but that didn’t fix it. The motor just starts going full throttle and doesn’t stop unless I unplug it.