GT2B Green LED always flashing for charging

I modded my gt2b by just slimming everything down which required me to resolder the positive and negatice leads to the battery. However now the green led constantly flashes telling me it needs to charge. I charged it for a day yesterday and same result, when I plug it into the wall the charging led is green. I resoldered everything but still have the same issue. I dont really need my remote cutting out when im hitting 25mph…

Be careful mine was doing the same thing for about a month and then the other day it just stop turning on no matter what! Thank goodness it didn’t stop working mid ride.

My GT2B is currently stock. But lately it always flashes green too… and I get no indication that it is charging

EDIT: And now it’s completely dead

Solid green led means it is fully charged. Red means charging.

If you are getting solid green when it is flat then you might have not reconnected the USB charging cables correctly when you moved the USB port.

Put a meter on the battery. If it reads near to 4.2v it is full. If it reads under 3.4v it’s empty.

You absolutely need a meter to know what it going on.

Last time I checked it read 3.6…but I may be wrong. The LED is always solid green when I plug it in and I didn’t disconnect or move the usb port.