Gt2b Issue after Mad munkey mod

I recently converted my gt2b to the mad munkey enclosure from the bad wolf, My issue is that it takes a while for the transmitter to connect to the receiver, and drops out. When it does bind correctly I ride along then throws me off and the motor starts glitching in reverse and even makes a violent cogging noise? Im wondering if ive fucked my mother board or if I have done something wrong. The transmitter was working perfectly fine with the bad wolf config.

image of inside

Can you post a pic of the spot where the antenna is soldered on?

I re solderd it back on ages ago when i did the bad wolf mod as It fell of during the process

is the battery correctly insulated? in mine the antenna pins try to touch the metal casing or connector so I had to cut them and put tape around.

There is a special way to solder it. If you could post a pic that would be great.

I really dont think its that its been like that for ages and it was working perfectly WTF now my bind button isnt working ahhhhhhhhh

Yes I wraped it in electrical tape

I have no idea then. @cmatson was your issue similar to this?

if you don’t cut the pins it could still be that the tape gets punctured. Other than that I have no clue but sounds like something got destroyed during the process. I doubt that the mad munkey mod has anything to do with this.

Did you put the plastic piece back on top of the battery to protect the battery and bms.

You need to re solder your antenna. The inner wires of the coaxial cable need to be soldered to the middle pad and the outer wires need to be soldered to either of the two outer ground pads.

Not sure if this will solve the issues you are having but it is one thing that I can see that is out of order.

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Yeah every thing was insulated :confused: I think it was when I cut down the pcb or it may have been a static shock to the board as when I was playing around with it it was very dry weather. But in the end I just bought a new gt2b and went with the baby buffalo enclosure as I was shit scared to tinker and heavily modify the board again. I may still re attempt to fix my Other board for a back up controller tho.