GT2B MasterCho/ChoZen Mod - Where to buy?

Hi, i was searching all over the web and in this forum but can not find where to buy the awesome GT2B MasterCho/ChoZen Mod ( like this one: I only want the 3d file, so i can print it with my 3d printer. But can not find where i can buy it! I messaged the original creator @MasterCho the other day but got no answer yet, and now that i received the gt2b i cant wait to test it in an enclosure :slight_smile:
Anyone that can point me in the right direction? thanks

the 3d file isn’t public.

He wont even sell the stl i think. You can only buy it or replicate :S

Noooo, that makes me really sad :frowning: , guess i will have to go with the sparkle mod then !

You can also get a kit from @FLATLINEcustoms

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Yeah i saw that, but since i already have a 3d printer i wanted to print it myself

  • Sparkle
  • Mad Munkey
  • … buffalo … (?)

the common gt2b mods

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Sparkle it is then ! :slight_smile: It was the second option

My MadMunkey v1.0’s STL file is on thingiverse for download. Whoa, since may 9th, 2016.



Is there a big difference in making a munkey vs sparkle or are the cutouts the same?

This one requires heavy modification in terms of the controller but in my opinion is the best. Smaller and more sturdy than all the others, as well as having the option to put in a battery meter.

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The madmunkey requires resoldering of the remote. Specifically, the trigger potentiometer, the channel switch button, the battery, and the usb charging port. Great mod tho. I consider myself pretty experienced with soldering and the whole mod took me about 2 hours on the third remote I modded.

The Sparkle mod also requires modification, but I don’t think you have to do anything to the trigger for that one. Not super sure as I haven’t done it.

the MasterCho mod can fit a battery meter as well, just have to dremel out a slit. I did it to all four of the ones I’ve made

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I got a working sparkle :rofl:. Yeeee