GT2B Mod Gone Wrong

WoW I’ve been offline for ages…but never the less, the other day I got my 3D printed Sparkle GT2B mod case (@okp ‘s Design) And I make everything fit and everything is good except I de-soldered the antenna and tried to turn it around the other way…I thought I successfully did this and then left it to the side for the day and now I have no antenna as it has snapped off somewhere and the mod hasn’t been working yet due to this…is there anything I can do to save this?

you could solder a piece of copper wire to the point the old antenna attached to. it should be around 1.2 inches long (quarter wave)

No luck with that :frowning:

Could we get some better pics of what happened. And you into de soldered the antenna right? Does the remote power on properly, just doesn’t communicate with the receiver?

Everything works perfectly, tx turns on, the rx turns on, lights all good, charges fine, it just doesn’t connect because of the antenna (I think). I’ll try upload some photos later when I can

you need to solder the antenna on the transmitter. Be careful there are two wires to solder, it’s not hard to do but it requires a bit of dexterity and patience.

I wouldn’t recommend soldering the antenna unless you really know what you are doing…you prolly just need a gt2b to mod, they are cheap at least…

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But that’s the issue…I no longer have the antenna and I don’t really want to buy another Gt2b

You could take most other 2.4ghz Antennas and solder them up, it’s usually not too hard to do with a reasonably fine tip. For example an old router antenna would work after you remove the case.

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