Gt2b mod problem

has anyone who has done the mod came across after it is set up the controller works in reverse, push for it accelerates and squeeze the trigger it brakes, any help to fix it would be great :slight_smile: dont know what i did wrong

Can you switch this in the vesc software somehow?

i can make forward and reverse but and flip the phase wires but dont want reverse haha

There is a switch on the remote that flips throttle direction. If it worked properly before the mod then you must have flipped it accidentally

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Thank you! Is that the left or right one?

You can try both one is for steering which we donโ€™t use so it wonโ€™t make a difference

thanks, got it :slight_smile:

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I have a problem on my mod, at first i had no issues but after riding it for more than 8 miles i started to have an issue. Whenever i switch on my gt2b, the green lightflash viciously heres the video