Gt2b not binding

Ive had some issues with my gt2b lately. My problem is that when i go to bind I hold down the bind button on the transmitter and turn it on, the green light should be flashing but it dose not it just stays a solid green. Its reaaalllyyyy anoying Has any one had any issues like this??? I would really appreciate you help :flushed:

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No i did not had the problem… Did you press the BIND button WHILE you turned it on?

Yeah I hold the bind button down when i turn it on, It just dose not work, I remember it use to flash green but it dose not any more?

wait. are you telling me that you have to bind it every time you turn it on?

Yeah pretty much it started dropping out a few days agow not it just dosent bind at all? :scream:

Did you solve the Problem?

make sure your throttle trim is centered. I had a problem with that a while back, every time I turned the board on it would either put the esc into program mode or require me to set the throttle range. I can’t find center anymore, so I always have to set my throttle range. It’s annoying, but it works.

Im going to solve the Problem by just buying a new one. I think I fried the board

Has such a problem ever occured to anyone else in the meantime? I have just lost 2 gt2bs for basically no reason. 10 sec ago it would go into bind mode just fine but then randomly not anymore. Any ideas on what to do? Already checked the throttle range.

I have the problem on a GT2B but when I cut the board to fit my custom enclosure, I damaged the C6 capacitor on the bottom left of the PCB I dont know if it’s related to my bind problem.

I will try to move the trigger center rotary button to check if that works

I tried to center the trim for the trigger do not make the green led blink.

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I’ve got the exact same problem. I’ve cut and filed the PCB here and there to fit it into a custom enclosure (without damaging SMDs tho) and it did bind all the fine yesterday, and suddenly today the green light stopped going into blinking mode when it turn the transmitter with the binding button pressed. Anyone managed to solve this? The Internets seem eerily silent on this issue :confused: