Gt2b not working anymore

I was using it a few minutes ago but i just did the gtb mod and soldered my battery on and the controller wont connecct now both the transmitter and receiver are lighting up but it wont connect. Btw im using an fvt esc

Edit: the controller just now showed the battery was dead and its currently charging, Could the low power have affected this?

Possibly low battery, but also did you put the resistors on the steering channel? Mine wouldnt rebind untill i did that first. The remote wont work with the resistors in, but wont bind without.

can you explain a bit more? Im on mobile so i cant link to the exact post, but near the bottom theres a pic of two resistors plugged into the steering input on the board. You need this to turn your controller on and bind. Then take it off and finish putting it together.

My antenna just fell off

Yeah, those solder points dont start well. Keep in mind its two solder points for the antenna, one is for the shield.

alright will do

Happened to me as well.

whatd u do

Soldered it back it