GT2B remote cutting out

running a FOCBOX with Ackmaniac’s firmware, as mentioned a GT2B with the stock RX, 10S 8AH LIPO’s. i have moved my RX literally to the other side of the enclosure behind the batteries to eliminate interference but this is still happening.

the most common cut out is cruising 10 or so MPH and i hit a fair size crack or bump that jars my board, most of the time i can turn off and back on the TX, hit the breaks and it comes back on.

less common is when i really start pouring the coals to it, even on flat ground it sometimes cuts out (pretty sketchy) and i have to do the same as above to get it back to working.

today i noticed when moving really slow, it would cut out after 5 or so feet and the app on my phone would completely freeze until the board was working again.

im really lost and hope someone can help me out, i dont know if my RX is browning out because of the long wires or if i just have a bad RX or TX. the wires and joints seem to be fine but i still could be wrong. i just want a reliable board that im not scared of.

I hadn’t a similar issue except my gt2b was in a custom enclosure, where the antenna for the remote was shorting out. If you have it in the stock enclosure, my bet is you have a faulty gt2b

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Whoops I meant, I had a similar issue😂

mine is a custom enclosure. what was it shorting out against? because mine is taped up and hanging out of the enclosure.