GT2E and mini remote constant problems

Two days ago I got sudden braking/throttling up on my board. It is about the 6th time this has happened to me. It’s always the same problem, low amperage brakes/throttle randomly triggering. Usually after I get back home it is not reproducable anymore… But the problem lasts for like 5-10 minutes, it is not a bad connection or disruption of the signal. A few times I just forgot about it as it wouldn’t do that anymore. But then it did it again. So to be safe, I would buy a new remote and receiver every time this would happen… Now I am buying the fifth GT2E remote and I am getting sick and tired of it. I don’t believe the receivers or remotes are going bad every 2 months… Though buying a new remote always solves the problem. The same has happened to my friend already 3 times with the mini remote. Does anyone have any clue why that could be happening? Me and my friend both have huge batteries (12s12p 30q and 12s8p sanyo 20700) Does anyone know If EMF from the battery or something could be causing that? THis always happens in low output situations… Going in neutral for ex. two days ago I was going downhill barely using throttle… I would love to figure this out, I am getting desperate.

low battery on the remote can cause that as well. the gt receiver have a fragile antenna, make sure it´s not broken internally. also don´t route your réceiver antenna close to main power leads. do you have any pictures from your installation. maybe with it we can get a better idea what can cause that issue.


Sounds like tell-tale signs of low remote battery or the reciver cable being wrapped around phase wires/power cables - I’ve seen a few people with similar issues on budget boards and its the same cause.

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Thank you for the reply. It is not low batteries on my remote but I always had main wires to both focboxes inside and everything around including the receiver, so that could be the problem I would say. I always move it when I open the enclosure. Now I have a unity so just 1 wire. THis time I had the receiver stuck to the side of my battery. WIll try to place the receiver furthest from the leads and the battery and stick the antenna outside. THanks again.

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I had the same problem when my reciever was between my phase leads and also when my reciever was between my Unity and battery. Best bet is to put it on the non battery, non xt60 corner of the Unity.

I am getting desperate. Today again, three times in a row, twice I made myself believe it was just my feeling… The third time I got an insane throttle jolt while accelerating and going 40 km/h. I can’t ride anymore as this is a suicide. I have had different batteries, different VESC units, 6 remotes… It used to happen 8000 km ago and it happens now… Nothing makes sense… I have put the reciver furthest from the battery to the corner, everything is isolated. For me this is not solvable :frowning: and until that happens I cannot ride…

It is totally random, my batteries are fine… It never does it once… It’s either fucked and keeps doing thse crazy things… or you wait till the next day and usually no sign of that… until another 200-1500 km… As I said nothing normal makes sense to me.

You’ve switched out the receiver each time though right? Perhaps there is something wrong with the PPM Port? My last suggestion would be to borrow or try a Flipsky VX1 Remote on UART. If that dosen’t work, there may be something in your area interfering with the signals or something. People often experience disconnections at the same intersections.

I have switched the receiver every time… I have a new unity… it used to happen on my focboxes too. I experience problems and then they are gone literally for thousands of km and I ride in the city every day… Then it would happen in the countryside… Would give anything to come up with a cause for this. It’s gonna take long time to feel good at 60 km/h+ among cars again… Thought I found the love of my life and she does this to me… No solution… :frowning: